Mithila Painting in Spring Art Show in Bayonne, New Jersey

Paintings by Nupur Nishith are on display at Spring Show by the Circle from April 18th-22nd, 2015 at the Bayonne Community Museum in Bayonne, , USA.

The paintings exhibited during the festival are

  1. Krishna Radha Romance in Mithila Painting
  2. “Girl admiring the Bloom in Spring” in the style of Mithila Art
  3. Surya (Sun) in Mithila (Digital printed on Canvas)

(For details like theme, mode, tools about each please click on the respective links)

The paintings received a overwhelming appreciation from all the Art Lovers who visited. Participated in the exhibition after a significant gap, so there were a lot of new visitors. People admired the the the detail work with colours in the paintings. Since a lot of visitors were new to the style of art form so there were a lot of questions like how is it done, how much time does it take, how thin is the brush etc.

These are initial stages in this country. So a good learning experience.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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